Red Hill – League Race 4

2023-05-21 @ 8:00 am – 2:00 pm
Perdekloof Farm Stall at Y-junction
Red Hill Rd
Simon's Town, Cape Town
South Africa

The infamous Red Hill sees our 4th race in the league series.  Fast-paced through Simonstown, and then THAT climb!

To clear up any confusion over Sunday’s race, the finish line is at the TOP of Red Hill and not at the start venue! Please take note of this for planning your race.

Event Hand Book

The event handbook will be made available closer to the start of the series

Please familiarise yourself with the details contained therein before coming to the event.

Categories and seeding

The following categories will be used based on ability and/or age;  Open Category and scholars u/15 and below will not take part here.  Should there be 10 or more ladies, a separate race will be held for them.  The decision on this will be made on the Friday before the race.

Category Route Start Time
Category 1 and U19 87km 7h45
Category 2 58km 7h55
Category 3 58km  8h05
Women 58km  8h05

Routes and distances

  • Category 1 – 87 kms (3 x 29kms)
  • Category 2 –  58 kms (2 x 29 kms)
  • Category 3 – 58 kms (2 x 29km)
  • Women – 58 kms (2 x 29km)
  • No scholars except u/19’s who will race with Cat 1

Participants who are more than 5 minutes off the pace from the main racing bunch may get disqualified at the discretion of the race director.

Starting times

Category Start Time
Category 1 and U/19 7h45
Category 2 7h55
Category 3 8h05
Women 8h05


Costs and registration details will be made available closer to the time

Online registration

Entries will open on 11 May 2023 and close at 22h00 on Friday 19 2023.

 Event management, online entries and payments made possible by

Problems with CSA Membership or Licenses?

See the page about CSA membership or licenses, or if you have problems with this during the registration process.

Cancellation Policy

Due to the uncertainty surrounding the Covid-19 epidemic, the organisers of the Western Province Road League reserve the right to cancel the race should circumstances dictate.  If we cancel the race 7 or more days before the time (on or before 14 May 2022) we will refund those who have entered 60% of their race fee.  Anytime after that, we will refund 30% of your entry fee.  Alternatively, arrangements can be made with the registration team to carry the race fee over to the rescheduled event.  Should you request a refund, when the rescheduled event is announced, you will be required to pay the full amount again.

Entrants who cancel their entries 7 or more days before the time (on or before 14 May 2022) will be refunded 30% of their entry fee.  Cancellations in the 7 days prior to the event, or on the day itself, will not be refunded.


This information will be made available closer to the time.

This event has been vetted and approved at a 94.7 seeding event