WP Cycling Road RacingLeague 2019 – Points

Changes have been made to this years league competition.  Individuals will still earn points during this league on an individual basis in Cat1, 2, 3 and Ladies.  A separate league will be run for the scholars age categories.  It will work as follows;

Individual Points

Points will be awarded to riders based on their position over the finish line according to the following table;


Position points
1 20
2 16
3 15
4 12
5 11
6 10
7 9
8 8
9 7
10 6
11 5
12 4
13 3
14 2
15 1



Points have been extended from 12 to 15 places per category.

Points are accumulated in the category you have raced and will not be carried over to another category should you request to move up or down a category.

However, this year there will not be a club or team competition.





  1. Guys if a minimum of 4 riders is needed then I assume that the first 4 riders from each club get points and perhaps you would consider doing an example of 3 clubs with 4 riders because your current example is beyond confusing and does not explain how many riders from each club actually score.

    Assuming one club has your 4 minimum and another arrives with 10 I would assume that only teh first 4 from each count?


    1. Hi Jonathan,

      I did say I am simplifying the example. Only the first 4 results per team are considered, no more, no less.

      If you have more spare time on your hands please feel free to submit a fully worked out example for me so that I can post that.

      1. Thank you, that is all we needed to understand –

        So, essentially your rules for Club league competition are:

        1. That a minimum of 4 riders need to start a race in order for a Club to qualify for Club points from that race. Clubs with 3 or less riders will only be able to have their riders qualify for individual points.

        2. Only the first four riders from each Club will score points for the Club league competition in that race, irrespective of how many riders they may enter.

        3. Points will be awarded to qualifying riders (clubs with 4 or more representatives in the race) in the club competition in the same way as they are in the individual competition but be based on their position amongst other qualifying riders (hence disregarding individual, non-qualifying, riders positions):
        1st 18
        2nd 16
        3rd 15
        4th 12
        5th 11
        6th 10
        7th 9
        8th 8
        9th 7
        10th 6
        11th 5
        12th 4
        All participants will also earn 2 points for starting each race.

        For example if a non qualifying rider finishes first and a qualifying rider 2nd then the qualifying rider will score 16 Points individually but 18 points for his club in the club league!

  2. Is there any TAT on when the points will be reflecting? We have received the explanations however we don’t have anything to reference it too.
    Please advise

    1. We are finalising the correct positions first. Point will in general be published a bit later in the week. I expect it to be done by Wednesday this time around.

  3. With the team time trials now halving these TT races also for the individual time trialists, will this mean that these lower scoring events are the ones to be discarded (no matter how well you do) as the one event from each category to be dropped (the one with the lowest points). If so these events are less interesting to take part in, unless they now form a separate race category and don’t get dropped from the overall scores even if riding as an individual time trialist?

    1. In each race format the lowest score will be dropped. For determining that we will need to multiply your points by 2 to determine which one will be dropped, but the multiplied value will not be used when adding the total.

      These events are actually more beneficial to take part in, as there are more points at hand to be awarded to positions. For instance, the TTT this weekend has 50% more points on offer in total than any of our other races.

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