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  1. Hi Mike.

    I would just like to enquire as to how I go about joining the Winter league?

    1. Do I need to register online before hand?

    2. Can I register at any of the events and then just continue from there going forward or is the registration for the league closed?

    3. Is there a registration fee for the whole league or do we pay at each race at registration?

    Sorry for all the questions but I’m just trying to get a better understanding of the structure and operational side of things.

    Kind Regards,
    Rory O’Brien
    071 886 9468

    1. Hi Rory,

      Sorry for the late response. We do not yet track the comments on the website regularly.

      You enter the league by entering any of the events. You will find the next one available online under the Road calendar section. Open the event and you will find the Enter now button on the page.

      1) It is always best to enter online; it is cheaper that way and faster (sometimes the queues are long on the day).

      2) Entry into the league is ONLY possible when registering online. Due to the work involved in loading the data onto our software system we will not be able to process late registration papers for inclusion into the league. Once you are entered you simply need to enter online for the next event. From your second entry onwards it is basically just a question of clicking next, next, next…

      3) There is a R20 fee (online) / R50 (on the day) for your race number. There is no additional fees, unless you want to race in a team in Cat 1.


  2. Hi Mike
    I see on the list of events that there is a road race at Red Hill on 22nd April 2017. However i do not see any further info regarding entries etc.
    Is the race still on??

  3. Hi Mike
    My sons DOB is 100503, currently aged 14. So he should race in U15 Cat, is this correct ? Just tried to enter Sundays road Race and returns “U17”. Can you assist?
    Many thanks

    1. Hi Richard
      He is turning 15 in May, that is why he rides U/17 . It’s very confusing and not like ASA’s categories, where the child competes U/15 if he turns 15 that year.

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