CSA Membership and Licenses

All WP Cycling events are sanctioned under Cycling South Africa, therefore the applicable rules by CSA, and by extension the UCI, will apply.

Thus, all participants must be in a possession of a CSA Membership (or a day license) to participant as a minimum.

CSA Membership

Participants must have a CSA Membership or a Day License to participant in any event. New membership, including renewals, can be purchased online on the CSA membership page.

Domestic Racing License

Most league races does not require a domestic racing license anymore. Racing licenses will typically be needed only for provincial or national event. New licenses, including renewals, can be purchased online on the CSA membership page.

Day licenses

As per CSA Regulations, Road regulations,, a Day Licence is issued to a cyclist not holding at least a valid and current Membership Licence or who is unable to produce a valid and current licence upon being requested to do so.

Day licenses can now also be purchased on-line at Cycling South Africa’s Membership page. Log in, go to the Profile menu option and use the Purchase button on that page. Select Day Licenses, enter your name and city, then select the name of the event. You might need multiple day licenses if the event is taking place over multiple days.

Buying day licenses directly from CSA is a new feature and your day license might not yet be picked up by our system, so if you experience problems entering a race on this site with such a day license please forward us the new day license(s) by email to [email protected] so that we can manually register the day license on our system.

Trouble with your CSA Membership or License?

We often get complaints about participants unable to enter due to a message about invalid CSA membership or license during the online registration process. Our system verifies both your CSA membership and CSA domestic racing license to be valid on the day of the event. Licenses expire on 31 December each year, so you should get a new 2020 license for this event. Membership expires 1 year after your last renewal or purchase. This date could be prior to the event date. Carefully review both expiry dates before contacting us.