Equipment restrictions for young riders – Road

The UCI and Cycling South Africa, the governing body for cycling in South Africa, define the rules under which the Western Province Cycling Association has to operate. As a result our races, and races operated by partner operators, has to comply with these rules.

Additional rules apply to youth riders, including, but not limited to, equipment restrictions. The reason for these restrictions are better explained in our article about equipment restrictions.

General information about equipment restrictions and why it is imposed can be found on our page Equipment restrictions for young riders – General. On this page we will look at the specific restrictions that applies to road cycling.

Which gears are my son or daugther allowed to use in races?

The test to see if a race bike is legal, i.e. if it’s top gear is not over the biggest (hardest to push) gear that is permitable for each age category, is called the “rollout test” – it checks the distance that a bike travels in a straight line with one full pedal revolution, when in top gear.

Information also available from CSA under the Rules and Regulations section – See Part 3A – Road Cycling sections 3.3.3.

Maximum gear restrictions for scholars for road events are as follows:

  • Under 11: Equal to and not more than 5,66 metres.
  • Under 13: Equal to and not more than 5,66 metres.
  • Under 15: Equal to and not more than 6,10 metres.
  • Under 17: Equal to and not more than 6,94 metres.
  • Under 19 Equal to and not more than 7.93 metres.

* The gear restrictions as measured by one full revolution of the chain wheel set will apply

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