2024 Western Cape XCO Series Dates:

WC 2024 XCO Series Info Ver 2

2023 Western Cape XCO Series Dates:

Herewith the dates for the 2023 XCO Series:

5 February 2023: WC XCO#1 at Coetzenburg, Stellenbosch

25 February 2023: WC XCO#2 at Bloemendal

29 April 2023: WC XCO#3 at Rheebokskloof

13 May 2023: WC XCO#4 at Jakkalsvlei near Herbertsdale

29 July 2023: WC XCO Championships at Diamant Estate, Paarl

2022 Western Cape XCO Series Dates:

Herewith the dates for the 2022 XCO Series:

12 February 2022: WC XCO#1 at Bloemendal and hosted by Cape Metro/WP

12 March 2022: WC XCO#2 at Rhebokskloof, Paarl

2 April 2022: SA National XCO Cup Series #2 hosted by Winelands,  Paul Roos Gymnasium, Stellenbosch

23 April 2022: WC XCO#3 hosted by Eden  

7 May 2022: WC XCO#4 to take place in the Paarl region and no longer in the Overberg

11 June 2022: WC XCO Championships. Hosted by Cape Metro/WP

2021 Western Cape XCO Series Dates:

Herewith the dates for the 2021 XCO Series:

10 April 2021: WC XCO#1 hosted by Paul Roos Gymnasium, Stellenbosch.

17 April 2021: SA National XCO Cup Series #3 (UCI Cat 1) presented by Computer Mania and WC XCO#2. Venue Bloemendal.

18 April 2021: WC XCO#3 (UCI Cat 2). Venue Bloemendal. (UCI categories plus Junior, Youth and Sub-Juniors

8 May 2021: WC XCO#4. Hosted by Cape Metro/WP. Venue Hoogekraal Farm.

29 May 2021: WC XCO#5. Hosted by Overberg. Venue Hermanus.

26 June 2021: WC XCO Championships. Hosted by Eden. Venue Knysna.

*WC Cup for Sub-Juniors, Youth, Junior and Elite will consist of 5 events with the best 4 points to count.

*WC Cup for Nippers, Sprogs, Sub-Vets, Vets and Masters will consist of 4 events with the best 3 points to count.

XCO Information:

Cross-Country (XC) cycling is the most common form of mountain biking.   It is defined by the terrain on which it is performed.   XC courses consist of a mix of rough forest paths, single-track, smooth fire roads and even paved paths connecting other trails.   Within Cross-Country cycling there are some racing disciplines, such as XCE (Cross-Country Eliminator), XCO  (Cross-Country Olympic), XCM (Cross-Country Marathon),  Gravity Downhill and Enduro racing.

The Olympic Cross-Country (XCO) discipline of mountain bike racing consists of lap racing around a short circuit.  It became an Olympic Sport in 1996 and requires high levels of mountain biking skills and high levels of fitness.

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