Rules and Regulations – MTB

This is shortened version of CSA MTB XCO rules. Full version available on and it is each rider’s responsibility to familiarise him/herself with it.


  1. A rider must present his/ her Cycling SA licence at registration in order to compete and be eligible for Regional and/or Provincial Colours. Any rider who is not registered as a WP XCO Member for the 2017 Series and enters for individual races only, and cannot present an annual licence must purchase a Day Licence. For the National Series and National Championships, riders are NOT PERMITTED to ride with a day licence; only a Cycling SA licence is allowed. ( UCI Category riders Juniors and Elites need to be in possession of Full Racing Licences and may not race with Day Licences )
  2. A rider who is not in posession of an annual Cycling SA licence, will not be eligible for Regional and/or Provincial Colours.
  3. Each rider is classified according to his/her age on December 31st of the current year.
  4. Footwear shall be fully enclosed.
  5. Wearing of a helmet is mandatory.
  6. Eye protection if strongly recommended.

The race

  1. Rider’s bike board must be properly fixed and Race number clearly displayed at all times.
  2. Riders must complete the entire distance of the race and the responsibility for following the official route lies with the rider.
  3. A rider is not permitted to take any shortcuts or to omit a circuit or take other advantage of a similar nature against opponents.
  4.  If a rider exits the route of the course for any reason, he/she must return to the course at the exact same point from which he/she exited.

Technical Assistance and feeding

  1. A rider may receive technical assistance along the course from a fellow competitor but not from anyone outside of the course.
  2. Technical assistance and / or feeding shall only be given in the feed/ technical assistance zones.
  3. Riders must ensure that they do not interfere with or restrict the movement of other competitors when in the feed / technical assistance zone.
  4. The rider must follow the course at all times and may not backtrack or short cut to reach the Feed / Tech zone.
  5. No rider may turn back on the course to reach a feeding / technical assistance zone. Once past the feed/tech zone, a rider must follow the course until the next feed/tech zone before receiving external feeding or external technical assistance. NO BACK TRACKING IS PERMITTED.
  6. Only within the feed / technical assistance zone itself, may a rider turn back but as long as they do not obstruct other competitors in doing so.
  7. Illegal repairs to the bike or changes to the bike, unauthorised feeding or any assistance received from any external source or receiving seconding from some-one illegally or not in accordance with the Technical Assistance rules – will result in disqualification.
  8. Water bottles being discarded by riders in the feed zone will be done so in a safe manner and the throwing or tossing of water bottles at any time is forbidden.

Code of conduct, unsporting behaviour and obstruction

  1. A rider must act in a polite manner at all times and permit any faster rider to overtake without obstructing. Overtaking rider to call ‘track please’.
  2. A rider must not use offensive or abusive language during the race, act in an anti-sporting manner, be disrespectful to the officials or ignore the race regulations.
  3. Jersey pulling, pushing or pulling another competitor and/ or leaning on another competitor are forbidden.
  4. Obstruction of any rider in the final sprint, unsporting conduct toward another rider with the intention of restricting movement, taking a short cut, substitution for another rider, taking both hands off the handlebars in the final sprint – may result in relegation or disqualification.

Forbidden devices

  1. Radio links: The use of radio links or other remote means of communication with riders during the race is forbidden.
  2. Cameras: No form of camera may be mounted or worn by the rider on any part of the body, and may also not be mounted on the helmet of a rider.


  1. Penalties can be imposed according to the nature of the offence and one or more of the following can be used:
    • Verbal warning
    • Fine
    • Relegation of position
    • Time or points penalty
    • Disqualification
    • Suspension


  1. Any rider who considers he/she has been prejudiced by any action during the competition may submit a protest to the Chief Commissaire after he/she has crossed the finish line. The rider must submit his/her protest in writing and it must be signed and presented within 15 minutes of the end of his/her race along with the minimum fee of R200.00 to the Chief Commissaire. The Chief Commissaire will send any funds collected in the form of fines and protest to the CSA MTB Office together with their race report.
  2. A protest against results must be submitted in writing and it must be signed and presented within 15 minutes of posting the results along with a fee of R200.00 to the chief commissaire.
  3. Any appeals against penalties imposed by the Commissaire panel must be received within 15 minutes of the communication of the penalty by the Commissaire Panel. A fee of R200.00 must accompany the appeal.
  4. If a protest / appreal involves one of the top five finishers: the awards ceremony will be delayed until a decision is reached.
  5. The Commissaires Panel, in conjunction with the Technical Delegate, or, in his absence any other National Commissaire will deliberate. Any decision made will be final.
  6. The anti-doping rules of the UCI and of Drug-Free Sport SA will apply, and the drug testing and anti-doping measures will be conducted according to the rules of both these organizations, and as they pertain to mountain biking.