Perdeberg Lite

2021-09-26 @ 8:00 am – 2:00 pm
Perdeberg Cellars
Vryguns Farm Windmeul
Paarl, 7624
South Africa

Off we go to one of our favourite venues – Perdeberg Cellars – for our next race.  But don’t let the title fool you – there’s nothing LITE about this race.  5 loops of a challenging 25km circuit mean 125km in the legs and 1300m of climbing.  Just what’s needed a couple of weeks before the Cape Town Cycle Tour.

Don’t forget to support Eat@Perdeberg – Rob and his team make the most amazing breakfast buns plus a pizza after the race will be great for recovery

COVID Regulations

We are  still required to adhere to the COVID-19 regulations that have been published by the Department of Sport and Culture.  To this end we require that all cyclists maintain social distancing while not racing.  The use of masks prior to the start of the race is compulsory.  You will be required to have your temperature taken at the entrance to the Registration Venue.

It is imperative that we adhere to the social distancing protocols.  We are looking at ways to work within the bounds laid down by CSA and the Department of Sport and Culture to ensure that we can hold a successful event.

Categories and seeding

The following categories will be used based on ability and/or age;  Should there be 10 or more ladies, a separate race will be held for them.  The decision on this will be made on the Friday before the race.

Category Distance Start Time
Category 1 125km 8h00
U/19 Men 125km 8h00
Category 2 100km 8h10
Category 3 75km 8h20
Women (Including U19’s) 75km 8h20
U/17’s and U/19 Development 75km 8h30
Open Category 75km 8h30


Routes and distances

  • Category 1 – 125 kms (5 x 25kms)
  • Category 2 –  100 kms (4 x 25 kms)
  • Category 3 – 75 kms (3 x 25km)
  • Women – 75 kms (3 x 25km)
  • Open Category – 75kms (3 x 25km)
  • U/19’s to race with Cat 1 – 125km (5 x 25kms)
  • U/17’s and U/19 Development – 75kms (3 x 25km)

Starting times

These starting times are provisional and may change should group sizes warrant it.  Please ensure that you are at the roll call at least 15 minutes before the start of your race.

Category Start Time
Category 1 8h00
U/19 Men 8h00
Category 2 8h10
Category 3 8h20
Women (Including U19’s) 8h20
U/17’s and U/19 Development 8h30
Category 4 (Open Category) 8h30


The costs for this race are:

Category Cost
Category 1 R250
U/19 Men R250
Category 2 R250
Category 3 R250
Women (Including U19’s) R250
U/17’s and U/19 Development R150
Open Category R150

Online registration

Coronavirus notification:
Due to the coronavirus outbreak having been confirmed in South Africa all sporting events have been given strict guidelines to how they must be conducted.  Please note that we will have COVID screening protocols in place and riders are not allowed to enter the start area without having gone through the COVID checkpoint and been issued with a wrist band.


Entries will close 19h00 on Thursday 23 September 2021. No entries will be possible after this time.

 Event management, online entries and payments made possible by

Problems with CSA Membership or Licenses?

See the page about CSA membership or licenses, or if you have problems with this during the registration process.


Parking will be made available at Perdeberg Cellars.  Please follow instructions from the marshals on where to park.

This race has been vetted as a 94.7 Ride Joburg seeding event