Lights By Linea #HEROChallange #2 – Event 9 – Results

Category 3 & Ladies

Hanber Leedo of Cycle Teknix CC is the proud holder of the Leaders Jersey as the overall points leader of category three. The race kept together for the most part but every few laps the pace was upped to stretch the bunch and this resulted in a few riders being shelled off the back. The Mohameddiyah trio of Shakeel Shabodoien , Joseph September and Tauriq Sasman know this circuit like the back of their hands and they dominated the last lap to easily take the sprint 1,2 and 3 respectively.

  1. Chante van der Merwe (Bestmed)
  2. Leizel du Preez (Cycle Teknix)
  3. Bronwyn Abrahams (Bestmed)

Category 1 Elimination

The Road Commission of the WP are not frightened to try out new ideas. So at the first Light by Linea event a time trial and an elimination race was introduced. We found that the TT does not work well with such a tight time schedule. However the elimination race was retained but at this weekend’s edition there was a lack of communication between the race director, the officials and the riders which resulted in confusion as to when the last sprint was to be contested – the result was declared null and void. Up to then racing was fast and furious on the shortened course of 600 metres with the bunch being decimated with each lap.

Category 2

Guy Le Ray-Cooke proudly sported the points leaders jersey in the category 2 event which was contested at a frenetic pace with the bunch being strung out the length of the home straight. This suited the big sprinters and it was no surprise when Robin Harris (Cycles Direct) outsprinted Faizel Hendricks (Team Ultra Velo) with Oswin Booysen (Ind) claiming the last podium place before the chasing bunch.

Category 1

With this being the first event to be held in the southern Peninsula all the sponsored teams were well presented. With Rohan du Plooy of Light by Linea in the overall points leaders jersey and Tim Jenkinson of Team Giant in the ‘most aggressive rider’ jersey a large crowd were expecting to be treated to some fine racing from the best cyclists in the Western Cape and they did not disappoint. Within the first few minutes the race was lapping the 1.3 km circuit with an average speed in the high 40 kph but this didn’t deter the teams of Light by Linea, Team Alfa Bodyworks, Team Giant , Team Aurecon and Stellenbosch Pro Cycling from launching riders off the front of the race. With the attacks being brought back lap after lap this resulted in a lot of individual riders being dropped.

A fast pace suit the teams with sprinters and the difference between winning and losing can be miniscule and there isn’t much difference between Tiaan vd Merwe (Stellenbosch Pro Cycling) and Bernard Esterhuizen (Team Giant) on the line – judge for yourselves (click on image for full size).

Close 1st and 2nd

  1. Tiaan vd Merwe
  2. Bernard Esterhuizen
  3. Jon van Gesselleen (Stellenbosch Pro Cycling)

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