Killarney #3 – Event 11 – Results

The Cycle Teknix Killarney Series is proving to be very popular with the local cyclist and a large field rolled up to the start line in each category. From 8.00am to 9.30am the Youth scholars raced around the track in preparation for the upcoming CSA Youth Festival in Oudtshoorn. A squad of over 60 cyclists must be whittled down to 50 to represent the WP Schools Cycling Association. O’Ryan and his team of assistants have done a magnificent job in ensuring that our younger cyclists are prepared to take on the best that the other districts have to offer in the June/July schools holidays. We are confident that the Western Province will return to Cape Town as champions again in 2016.

Category 3

The number of participants in this category improves every weekend and so does the standard of racing. For a second week in a row, average speeds over the duration of the race easily exceeded 38 kph. The only problem with this is that most competent club weekend warriors can sit a wheel at this speed and bring back attacks at will. On the other hand there has been a major decrease in riders grabbing at their brakes which means our bunch racing skills are improving. Jono Weltman (Cycle Teknix) and James Burgess (Outriders) won the two sprint primes during the race and Jono worked his way through a congested bunch to take the main sprint of the day from Shakeel Shadobien (MCC and Joseph September (MCC).



The Cycle Teknix Killarney Series is dedicated to fostering and promoting ladies cycling and this category is also showing a great increase in entries. Bianca Holtzkampf the current leader on points accumulated, had to take a back seat to young Ashleigh Parsons (Bestmed) and the winner Maroeskja Matthee (Bestmed) who also took the 2 sprint primes during the race.


Category 2

Robin Harris (Cycles Direct CC) is the current holder of the white jersey but Oswin Booysen (ind) is closing in on him fast. Both Robin and Oswin are built for speed and they have filled the photographers lens in the sprint for the line in most events this season. Robin has had the edge over Oswin in wins and this weekend they were again involved in a battle for first place. At today’s event Oswin was able to win the first intermediate sprint prime and JP Burger took the 2nd and 3rd. When it came to the sprint for the win Oswin was able to edge out Robin into 2nd and Faizel Hendricks into 3rd.


Category 1

The race was aborted as the ambulance had to leave the event with a seriously injured participant from Category 2.


Notice: Medical Plan

Kindly note that the WP cycling events are regarded as ‘small events’ by the CT Events Office – a medical plan is a prerequisite of the application and our events will not be allowed to take place without the plan being in place or/and in the absence of an ambulance. If a participant is injured, we take the advice of the medical personnel on duty as that is their area of expertise. At this Sunday’s event the medical staff advised that the injured cyclist be uplifted to hospital for further assistance. It is unfortunate that the event had to be stopped but the well being and safety of our cyclist is of paramount importance and under no circumstances can we compromised on this.
Please note that all entries in Category One for this event will receive one credit for a future event.

Notice: Respect the Podium

The first 3 over the line at the conclusion of a race are expected to be present at the podium presentation. Cycling kit is a yes yes – jockstrap and takkies a no-no. If you win a sprint prime – you podium

[wpfmb type=’info’ theme=1]If you think it is incorrect or you are missing, please send your name, race number and Mobii chip number to [email protected] so that we can look into the matter. Do not phone, Skype, WhatsApp or FB Messanger me; email.[/wpfmb]

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Cat 3 Results


Pos Name Surname Time No. Club
1 Jonathan Weltman 50:57.4 400 Cycle Teknix Social Racing Cycling Club
2 Joseph September 50:57.8 522 Muhammadeyah Cycling Club
3 Ashley Accom 50:58.4 404 Cedar Cycling Club
4 James Burgess 50:58.5 593 Outriders
5 Esrick Bull 50:58.6 568 Outriders
6 Tyrone De Smidt 50:58.7 423 Cycle Teknix Social Racing Cycling Club
7 Graham Prinsloo 50:58.8 514 Cycle Teknix Social Racing Cycling Club
8 Yibenathi Ncedena 50:58.9 572 Other
9 Tauhier Sasman 50:59.4 458 Muhammadeyah Cycling Club
10 Pierre Cronje 50:59.4 468 Outriders
11 Hendrik Brand 50:59.8 401 Cape Multisport Club
12 Timothy Mehl 51:00.0 226 Other
13 Ayrton Du Bois 51:00.1 570 Other
14 Alroy Margo Mapigo 51:00.2 448 Cyclopaths Cycling Club
15 Daron Gavin Medcalf 51:00.2 492 Outriders
16 John Martin 51:00.4 430 City Cycling & Athletic Club
17 Adiel Isaacs 51:00.5 577 Team Ultra Velo
18 Leon Lawrence 51:00.6 422 Cape Multisport Club
19 Etienne Abrahams 51:00.6 506 Cyclopaths Cycling Club
20 Brett Walker 51:00.6 439 Cape Multisport Club
21 Andrew Hooper 51:00.8 555 Kinetic Cycling Club
22 Philip James Kannemeyer 51:00.9 490 Outriders
23 Werner Smith 51:01.0 212 Cape Multisport Club
24 Hanber Leedo 51:01.1 583 Cycle Teknix Social Racing Cycling Club
25 Sean Mortassagne 51:01.1 417 City Cycling & Athletic Club
26 John Moss 51:01.2 440 City Cycling & Athletic Club
27 Mahdi Kariem 51:01.3 414 Cedar Cycling Club
28 Mike Flax 51:01.4 51 Cycle Teknix Social Racing Cycling Club
29 Robin Sanders 51:01.4 534 Cedar Cycling Club
30 Anwar Railoun 51:01.6 435 Wannabees Cycling Club
31 Warren Heald 51:01.6 412 Cycle Teknix Social Racing Cycling Club
32 Wesley Nitsckie 51:02.0 205 Siphiwo Cycling Club
33 Graham John Ward 51:04.2 456 City Cycling & Athletic Club
34 Jonathan Manuel 51:04.5 535 Siphiwo Cycling Club
35 Graeme Paul Warrin 51:05.0 510 Siphiwo Cycling Club
36 Mogamat Armien Richards 51:05.5 494 Cedar Cycling Club
37 Craig Boyes 51:05.7 37 Other
38 Zane Green 51:05.7 420 Cycle Teknix Social Racing Cycling Club
39 Imran Ebrahim 51:05.8 477 Cape Town Giants
40 Derwyn Oxley 51:07.3 473 Outriders
* Mike David 147
* De Villiers Erasmus 406 Cedar Cycling Club
* Altaaf Hartley 594 Other
* Juan Isaacs 352 Wannabees Cycling Club
* Nina Jack 418 Other
* Harold Blake 350 Siphiwo Cycling Club
* Nigel Bowley 353 Cycle Teknix Social Racing Cycling Club
* Wayde Cleophas 566
* Uzusiphe Nkuso 351 Other
* Vlasta Pitro 354 Cycle Teknix Social Racing Cycling Club
DNF Storm King 43:46.6 432 Kinetic Cycling Club
DNF Siphenathi Kakane 16:26.6 563 Other

Riders marked as * could not be placed due to unclear/not visible numbers.

Female Results


1 Maroesjka Matthee 252
2 Ashleigh Parsons 471
3 Bianca Holtzkampf 229
4 Liezel Du Preez 280
5 Chante Van der merwe 228
6 Elfriede Wolfaard 356
7 Shana Theron 502
8 Alexandra Quenet 355
8 Janet Moss

Cat 2 Results


1 Oswin Booysen 231 Siphiwo Cycling Club
2 Robin Harris 255 Cycles Direct Cycling Club
3 Faizel Hendricks 276 Team Ultra Velo
4 Rainhardt Marais 78 Kinetic Cycling Club
5 Adrian de Bruyns 209 Cycle Lab CPT Supercycling Club
6 Fadhl Solomon 274 Team Ultra Velo
7 Ahmed Khatieb 281 Kinetic Cycling Club
8 Daneel Liebenberg 206 Other
9 Colin Parsons 279 Bellville Cycling Club
10 Clement Awood 529 Cape Town Giants
11 Sean Raffaelli 327 Cycle Lab CPT Supercycling Club
12 Guy Le Ray-Cook 232 Other
13 Terence Shortt 536 Cycles Direct Cycling Club
14 Darian Vavatzanidis 323 Other
15 Clive Fredericks 270 Club100 Cape Town
16 Jiyaad Johnson 544 Other
17 Pierre E Cronje 201 Team LEADout
18 Abdul Quayum Davids 328 Bellville Cycling Club
19 Zaid Harris 56 Kinetic Cycling Club
20 ?? ?? 200
21 Ethan Parker 77 Kinetic Cycling Club
22 Douglas Burger 329 ATC Cycling
23 Clint Armino 491 Cedar Cycling Club
24 Nicholas James 312 Bellville Cycling Club
25 ?? ?? 332
26 Jared Hagan 54 City Cycling & Athletic Club
27 Moller Goedhals 67 Team LEADout
28 Clyde Hayward 333 Cycle Teknix Social Racing Cycling Club
29 ?? ?? ??
30 Christopher Hartnick 421 Cedar Cycling Club
31 Wayne Southgate 267 Siphiwo Cycling Club
32 Francois Esterhuizen 324 Team LEADout
33 Burton Witbooi 326 Bellville Cycling Club
34 ?? ?? 225 or 223
35 Brian Dodkins 211 Cycles Direct Cycling Club
36 Faizel Abrahams 221 Other
37 Selwyn Maggott 530 Bellville Cycling Club
38 Shane Rayners 217 Outriders
39 Jarrett West 325 Team LEADout
40 Samkelo Patso 450 Bonga.Org Cycling Academy
41 Wynand Dippenaar 288 Kinetic Cycling Club
42 ?? ?? 304
43 Ishmael Khan 110 Club100 Cape Town
44 Warren van Eyssen 234 Cycle Lab CPT Supercycling Club
45 Chris Clarkson 219 Other
46 Matthew Fortuin 392
47 William Hans 302 Cyclopaths Cycling Club
48 Jp Burger 311 Other
49 Tashreeq Fataar 291 Team Ultra Velo
50 Ferdinand Roberts 360 Kinetic Cycling Club
51 Lee Olivier 410 Kinetic Cycling Club
52 Lloyd Weltz 258 Cyclopaths Cycling Club
53 Vuyo Mavuya 83 Bonga.Org Cycling Academy
54 Graham Myburgh 472 Cedar Cycling Club
55 Randall Februarie 305 Siphiwo Cycling Club