Life Path Health – Time Trial 2 – Event 8

Thanks for everyone that took part in the TT today.  Also thanks to our sponsor, Life Path Health and Anton, for making this possibl.

No rest on Workers Day the 1st May – a long weekend means that family take the opportunity to get away for a long weekend so we weren’t expecting an overwhelming turnout for the 2nd time trial in in Life Path Health Time Trial series. But we know we can rely on our local cyclists to keep the pedals turning in support of the Western Province Cycling Associations Autumn and Winter League.
We are of the opinion that the Hermon – Riebeeck Kasteel TT route is a great leveler for the average cyclist – a flat ride down to the turn at Hermon and then a false flat past the start finish and then a real test of character towards Riebeeck Kasteel. We heard via the grapevines that the climbers were losing out on the downhill section of the race back to the finish. So with this in mind we decided to level the playing fields by extending the time trial distance to 20 kilometers. This meant that participants had to dig deep into their anaerobic resources up the hill to the turn at the 2nd entrance to Riebeeck Kasteel. For any cyclist wanting to test their abilities to dig deep into their inner souls. The Life Path Health Time Trial Series in its current format is the place to do it. Watch this space to find out more about time trials, how to ride them and how to prepare for a sporting event. Remember, half of the problem is between your ears.


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[wpfmb type=’info’ theme=1]If you think it is incorrect or you are missing, please send your name, race number and Mobii chip number to [email protected] so that we can look into the matter. Do not phone, Skype, WhatsApp or FB Messanger me; email.[/wpfmb]