With the number of people now contributing to this website (thanks all of you!) it is becoming more important to document how we should add content so that we create a consistent user experience to our members. Below you will find (initially only a few) pages on how to best administer this site.

Please feel free to add more articles if you have time. Christhonie

Getting Started

We suggest you familiarise yourself with the following articles before trying to edit content;


Events / Calendar


  • Public access to events and membership info
  • Website administrators
  • Exco members listed on the contact list
  • Finding an unlisted person in our contact list

Orders, Payments, Invoices, Refunds


Website management

This is for the technical people!

  • Plugins used by this site – A technical reference of the plugins in use
  • Event registration system
  • How Connections is used by this site
  • All-in-one-event-calendar