Email addresses

We maintain a standard list of groups or email addresses that you may share with our members or the public.

Public email addresses

Internal use only email addresses

These addresses can only be used by a select few, indicated in brackets.

  • [email protected] -> All emails forwarded to exco members. (Only exco members can use this address.)
  • [email protected] -> All emails will be forwarded to the contact addresses in our affiliated clubs, as well as exco. (Only members of this group can use this email address).

What is a collaborative inbox?

Read our guide on this topic here.

How can I be added to an email list?

Please contact the technical officer or secretary to add you to a list.

How can I get an email mailbox at

We prefer to create an alias for you, where we can forward inbound messages to your private email address. This hides your real identity from the public (unless you reply). If you use GMail you can setup your account to send emails using your alias. Contact the IT person for more information.
If you can justify the reason why you need a dedicated mailbox please talk to us. Keep in mind that each mailbox cost us a monthly fee of about US$5 per month.