Team B & C Managers Course – 28 July 2018

It is imperative that the candidates prepare well for this examination.

B-Manager preparation:

  1. The course will start at 11:00
  2. The course will consist of 1 hour theory.
  3. Examination questions will be from the UCI Rules, Part 1 – General, Part 2 – Road, the UCI Guidelines for vehicle circulation in the convoy, CSA Rules Part 1 – General, CSA Part 3 – Road.
  4. Candidates need to study the above thoroughly in preparation for the examination.
  5. The exam will be 3 hours
  6. The exam will be a closed book exam
  7. Candidates must obtain at least 80% to become a B-Manager

The above study material must be obtained from the UCI Website and Cycling SA Website.

C-Manager Course preparation:

The course manual will be forwarded to those candidates who pay and attend the C-Manager Course.

Candidates must take note of the following:

  1. They need to have a soft or hard copy available during the course.
  2. They need to study the contents of the manual thoroughly in preparation for the course.
  3. The duration of the course is at least 6 hours, subject to the number of clarity seeking questions received from the candidates.
  4. Examination will be 2 hours
  5. The exam is a closed book exam
  6. Candidates must achieve at least 80% to pass the exam

Venue Details:

  • Maties Sport – Jannie Marias House, Coetzenburg Way, Coetzenburg (Stellenbosch)

Course Fees

  • C Licence R550 – B Licence R 750

The banking details are as follows:

Western Cape Cycling, ABSA – Oudtshoorn

Cheque Acc – Nr 40 8194 0489

Ref: Name of person attending

For further information please contact the following persons:

[email protected] and [email protected]