Slent Road Team Time Trial


The Race of Truth – its you , your bike and your team against the clock in the Team Time Trial.

Club teams of 6 riders each will race around a 30 kilometre circuit TWICE. How fast can you and your mates ride over fast flat 60 kilometres?

Sponsored teams of 6 riders will tackle the circuit twice with the time for the team being recorded when the 4th rider crosses the finish line.

Teams must consist of at least 4 riders and a maximum of 6.

All riders must enter individually and Team Captains or a nominated member must email the Team Name and the names of all team members to [email protected] – composite teams may be entered.

Entries will open on 14 March 2019, so get chatting to your friends and get those teams together


Course and distances

Club Team Time Trial for u15’s, u17’s, u19’s and all adult age categories – 60kilometres

Sponsored Team Time Trial for u17’s, u19’s and all age categories – 60 kilometres


08h00 – Team Time Trial

Late On the day entry – late entries will be inserted into the starting order before the online early entries.



  1. Good day,

    How does the Slent road race work, must each rider do a loop of 60km x6riders or does the complete route consist of 60km for the time trial?

    1. Hi TJ,

      All 6 riders will start at a given time as a team and must proceed along the 60km route together. The time of the 4th rider after 60km will be taken to represent the time of the team. Ranking will then be based on the team time. Only 4 riders have to complete the course.

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