7 Sirs – Results

We finally have the provisional results for the 7 Sirs race on Sunday, 30 April.

Due to unclear video footage (brought on by the light conditions) and problems with our timing system we were unable to get this out earlier.  We still need your help to finalise the results, especially for the first 20 positions of Cat 2 and 3 (see photos below).

The final position of each rider will still be wrong due to the missing results. There sequence should be correct.

Help place these riders

The following photos list the first positions in Cat 2 and 3. Please help us identify these riders (indicated with numbers) and send your feedback to [email protected]. Those riders without a number should be in the results above.

Cat 2 position 7-10
Cat 2 position 12-14
Cat 2 position 15-18
Cat 2 position 19-22
Cat 2 position 23-24
Cat 3 position 3-4
Cat 3 position 4-6
Cat 3 position 14-16

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