HEROChallange #1 – Event 5 – Results

Category 1 Time Trial

So we tried a new format of racing for the category one cyclists – lesson learnt. It is too dangerous to start an event on roads where there is little or no traffic control in place. Marshals are not allowed to stop traffic and at the same time we cannot put the cyclist’s lives at risk. The Category One Individual time trial was stopped after a few minutes due to unsafe conditions ironically at the same time our traffic officials arrived to close off the road.

Category 3 – 30 minutes + 1 lap

It was hardcore from the start – Category three was introduced for the cyclist who are of the standard PPA seeding H – Z, Masters and Women. Today there were some participants of a standard way too high to make for enjoyable racing.

Results :

  • 1st Graham Myburgh – Cedar CC ,
  • 2nd G Titus – Muhameddiyah CC ,
  • 3rd Byron Griffiths – Outriders


Category 1 – Elimination race

The last one across the start/finish line is eliminated. Simple.

Criteriums are ridden at a high intensity, throw in the danger of being eliminated adds another dimension. Today, riders were shelled off the back at an alarming rate and the race was quickly whittled down to a small bunch. After a lull in intensity, Lights by Linea lit the fuse and quickly reduced the race to a 2 man sprint between Stefan Ihlenfeldt and Rohan du Plooy both of Lights by Linea with Stefan taking the sprint from Rohan.

Category 2 – 45 minutes + 1 lap

This category is very evenly matched and very competitive. There were a few attacks half way through the race but they were brought back each time. Wynand Dippenaar attacked in the last lap before the bell and had opened up a nice lead by the time he crossed the start/finish line. He was caught on the back of the course by the chasing bunch and Robin Harris powered around the last corner and up the home straight with enough time to salute the crowd with a victory V. it was a close call for 2nd with Colin Parsons snatching it from Shireen Dicks.


  • 1st Robin Harris – Cycles Direct CC ,
  • 2nd Colin Parsons –ind ,
  • 3rd Shireen Dicks – Cedar CC


Category 1 – Scratch race – 45 minutes + 1 lap

The bunch was strung out lap after lap with riders being guttered down the main straight and many riders were seesawing off the back. Aurecon, Alfa Bodyworks and Stellenbosch Pro Cycling took the race by the scruff of the neck but their attacks were closed down by Tim Jenkinson and the Lights by Linea team. It took about 15 minutes for the bunch to be reduced to about the 40 main protagonists. Waylon Woolcock was biding his time in the bunch. It was a photo finish for the main race of the day with Waylon snatching the sprint from Stefan Ihlenfeldt and Rohan du Plooy.


  • 1st Waylon Woolcock – Team USN ,
  • 2nd Stefan Ihlenfeldt – Lights by Linea ,
  • 3rd Rohan du Plooy – Lights by Linea


A full album of racing images will be posted on Facebook, the photographer on the scene at this weekends race was Cycling with Double ST/Salie Toefy.

Be the judge

Luckily we make use of technology to determine the final result.  See how close the first 4 positions for Cat 1 Scratch race was (click on the image to zoom in).

Position 1 and 2
Positions 1 and 2 – Waylon and Stefan
Position 3 and 4
Position 3 and 4 – Rohan and Jonathan

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[column size=”1/2″ last]



This should be the final results.

For all queries, please send your name, ID number, Mobii chip number and race number to [email protected], which a short description of what is wrong.  It is not practical to deal with these queries via Facebook, Facebook messenger or the comment section of this website.