Coeztenburg Course – what to expect at SA XCO Nationals next month


Work on the Coetzenburg course has been progressing rapidly over the last few weeks. I was up there last weekend to test some of the new features. The new rock garden is challenging but was closed to riding and is (as per the committee meeting on Monday) still incomplete with some of the gap jumps not safe to ride. The tape has been removed but I will still ride it with a healthy dose of caution.

We are aiming to bring the course more in line with international standards and course length will most likely be around 4.5km instead of the current 5 plus km’s. The pump track / BMX section rides well although the first few jumps may require some work to enhance flow and ride-ability particularly for the less skilled / younger riders.

We will also be working on some of the bridges and may even remove one or two for safety of all our riders.

If you haven’t been out to the course yet, I would suggest that you give it a whirl soon. Some sections may be closed as work is ongoing (please respect any demarcated areas – Thanks). This is certainly the face of things to come.

Rock garden…
Looking up the pump track section
Looking down pump track towards sports fields