World Cup Track – News – Day 5

Good evening,

An earlier evening and more relaxed day today as we settle in at the Diamond Lodge which is about 3.5 Km from the track, if that much.

The weather has been rainy for the past couple of days, hence we have been taking the lads to the track and back in the vehicles, lucky pansies” 🙂

“Shame, wittle Theunsie wencie didn’t bwing his bootie wooties, and is too afffwaid to wyd on his own…”

On our arrival at the velodrome, I collected all of the accreditation cards which are now required for track entry. Thereafter I collected a road bike that had been arranged for Nolan’s use. Instead of a road ride the team all did a roller session at the velodrome and were back at the hotel by 10h30 for a short relax before our official training time slot, which was between 12h20 and 14h00.

Whilst they were doing this, I completed the daily shopping needs with us arriving back at the track simultaneously. This was to be the first time that Nolan had trained with the lads, and is also the first time that he has ridden with a front disc. In his own words, he was a little jittery for the first time.

Training went relevantly smoothly, with the sprinters doing timed efforts, which Dave has recorded, I did the one 150 meter effort in which Jeanne Nell did a 5.45 for 150 meters, and Bernard did around a 5.22 whilst the endurance squad did two flying 2000 meter efforts at race pace.

7.49, 15.06, 15.10, 15.42, 15.21, 15.18, 15.71, 15.75, 7.76 = 2.02.68. This was a bit fast as we were trying to control that at around 15.5 second laps

7.76, 15.63, 15.16, 15.21, 15.49, 15.29, 15.65, 15.79, 8.07 = 2.04.05 which is a more realistic pace. To obtain a best performance from a team is an exercise, which is not quite as easy as observers may imagine.

During our rest sessions which were 30 – 35 minutes in-between efforts, I obtained a whole host of supplements which were donated to us by British Cycling, These included a box of Protein Shakes after exercise recovery drinks, two boxes of elite gel max, two boxes of elite energy bars, one an oat bar the other dry fruit and cereal. Once again, many, many thanks to our guardian angle and his staff of coaches and mechanics.

After training the majority of the riders tucked into the salads that I had bought for them, with us leaving the track at around 14h30. After Dave and I dropped the team off at the hotel, we went to go and swap our van for a more maneuverable car. This is another story L, yet whilst we have a lovely new vehicle, it didn’t save us any money as I was hoping.

All had a relaxing afternoon with us meeting in the dining room for supper, which we had pre-ordered at 14h00. The team are very happy as here they are permanently on free wi-fi.

Tomorrow is an off day, yet a couple of the team will be in attendance for a light session in our allocated time slot of 09h00 – 10h40

Love from a cold and wet Manchester

Best regards


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