World Cup Track – News – Day 3

Hello good folks,

I am sure that those back home aren’t missing the riffraff that Dave and I have here with us?? Are you?? —- Surely not?

It was a lovely sunny day here today, first one that we have had since being here, as such the athletes all went for a bike ride. Sprint riders did about 40 Km, whilst the track endurance cyclists rode for two and a half to three hours. The reality is they would have all had to ride even if it was raining…… 🙂 “note the evil smile”

On returning home at just after 11h30, the team all dug straight into the tuck box – flatten, and off to the shops we go again…. after lunch a shower, fresh clothes and a short rest before they had to depart  for the track leaving here at about 13h00, everybody cycled to the track, naturally they got lost on the last leg when left to their own devices.

Our track session today was from 14h00 to 17h00, which we shared the facility with Welsh Cycling. (This is immensely kind of Welsh Cycling – thank you so much).

Darren their head coach and Mike their Junior Coach were an awesome help with both taking turns to ride the bike for us, and assisting with the lap scores and timing. The track sprint lads, (Bernie, Jeanne and Jean) proceeded with their own set of exercises including some flying half lap team sprint efforts, Dave had Maroesjka behind the bike which included some 250 meter individual sprint efforts off the bike.

The Team Pursuit lads had it quite hard, having to do 4 x 4 Km Team Pursuit efforts on a 101″ gear. This was done from behind the bike to get the team to feel what a race pace of a sub 4 Minute for 4 Km felt like. This is the time that the leading nations all post of sub 4 minutes. I will be downloading these efforts onto uTube soonest.

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Entering the inner arena

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Laurel and Hardy with Charlie……

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Working on Bike

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Or is this Laurel and Hardy??

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Yeh RIGHT………….