Track on Tuesday – 2015-05-12 – Back to the 80s – Results

WPCA is proud to release the results of the latest Track on Tuesday (ToT) league.  Thanks to a team lead by Nigel Isaacs with the help of Anre Soule, Michael Borchjes, big chief Johan and many others for a great event.

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The full results can be downloaded here.  In summary the winners of each race;


  • Jean Smit (Cat A)
  • Abdul Sauls (Cat B)

Mystery Points Race

  • Theuns van der Bank (Cat A)
  • Robert Ward (Cat B)

Italian Pursuit

  • Team Giant

Devil / Elimination

  • Evan Carstens (Cat A)
  • Abdul Sauls (Cat B)


  • Devaroux Jacobs (Cat C – 750m)
  • Imtiyaaz Van Der Hoeven (Jnr Dev – 750m)
  • Divan Koch (Cat C – 5km)
  • Matthew Fortuin (Jnr Dev – 3km)
  • Devaroux Jacobs (Cat C – 1500m)
  • Morne Soule (Jnr Dev – 1500m)

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Photos by Owen Lloyd / Team Intellibus