Race registration

How to enter a race

Online entry

Online registration for all road races are provided on this website. For all events listed on our events calendar there will be a “Enter Now” button (in blue), from where the online registration process can be started.

Note that early entry discounts may be applicable for some races if the registration and payment is received prior to a given date. See the event page for the specific details.

An automated email will be sent to your email address once your entry and payment is received. Note that without a completed payment, done online at the time of registration, your entry will become invalid and will be cancelled. Ensure you have received your confirmation email to prevent disappointment.

A fully paid entry will be added automatically to our systems, where you will be entered into the race(s) as selected during the registration process. This information will also be shared with Myriad Events and Mobii Systems for managing and timing of the race.

It is a requirement to visit the registration table on the day of the event so that we can mark you as present. If it is your first race of the season, or if the race has special race numbers, or if you have ordered additional items, such as a timing tag, then this can then also be collected at the same time. We do not ship any ordered items to save on costs and administration.

Late entry

Most races will allow late entry on the day from the registration tables at the venue. Registration is usually located closest to the start line in case the finish is at a different location. Refer the the details on the event page.


Early entry

Early entry discounts apply for most races and is only applicable for fully paid entries prior to the cutoff date for early entry. For most league races this will be the Friday prior to the race. Refer to the event page for the exact date.

Payment methods

Debit or Credit cards

For online entry we accept debit- or credit cards using the online payment service providers PayGate or Payfast. Note that both these vendors will display Myriad Events, or events service provider, as the beneficiary.

We also offer credit card payment facilities on the day of the event. Visit us at the registration tables.


For online registration EFT payments can be made using the Payfast service provider. This involves following a procedure, as explained during the payment phase, to deposit money into one of several bank accounts using a given reference number. It is important to use the exact and unique reference number provided for each payment transaction.

We do not have the ability to receive EFT payments on the day of the event.


We request that you do not pay via cash deposit into our bank account. Some race entries, and in particular the discounted scholars entry fees, result in bank charges in excess of the price of the entry itself. As a result we lose a lot of money to the banks.

We will accept cash on the day for late registration at the registration table. We will have change available, but it would help us if you can bring the correct amount.

No discounts are available for cash payments.

Why we have cutoff dates

Most smaller races allow registration on the day. However, there is a lot of work to prepare for a race, such as verifying participant’s CSA membership and licenses, preparing start packs (the envelopes with your number and pins), start lists and preparing the timing system.

For this reason we often offer an early entry discount as an incentive to register early so that we can perform these administrative tasks in advance.

For some races we are unable to process entries after the entry cutoff time, as we need finalise these processes in advance and it is not possible to do on the day. This is in particular relevant to time trials, where we need to lock down the individual start times for publication. We cannot change the times once published, as the participants plan around their personal start time.

Why we need your ID number

We record your ID number as a reliable mechanism to uniquely identify you, your gender and age.

Race participants are sometimes entered by different people; the person themselves, a friend, family member, team manager or school administrator. In order to prevent duplicate records of people in our system we use your ID number to detect existing records.

Please see our Data Protection Policy for more information about what data we collect, who we share it with and how you can request that we remove your data, including ID number.