2022 Western Cape Road Race Start List and Race Updates

The group start lists for the 2022 Western Cape Road Race Championships are available.  Please see link below:

StartList Road

Race Updates:

Due to the unprecedented hot weather we are experiencing, we have made some changes to the race rules.  We have already communicated the position of static feed points previously however we would like to reiterate these points.

There will be a feed zone for the longer distances (158k and 117km) on Lady Loch road.  This will be at the top of the second climb on Lady Loch approximately 2,4km from the turn and .  Cyclists can make arrangements for their supporters to be on hand at this point for refueling.

There will be a second feed zone at the top of Bothmaskloof climb. Supporters intending to be at both feed zones MUST progress clockwise to this point and not go the same direction as the cyclists.

There will also be a feed zone near the finish line in Slent Road which people racing the 83km and 50km routes can make use of.

Team managers meetings will take place 30 minutes before the start of your race in the Perdeberg Restaurant.  The commissaire responsible for your start group will hold the meeting and explain the changes we are listing here.  This will include opening for feeding outside of the feed zones.

There will be 3 support vehicles behind the 153km and the 2 x 117km routes.  Thanks to Cape Town Giants for providing the vehicle and support for the 153km route, Kinetic for the first of the 117km routes and Myriad Events for the second 117km route.  We appreciate all the help we can get.

There will also be a sweep vehicle out on the longer route for anyone who cannot continue.  Please note that should the vehicle catch up with you, you will be obligated to either get inside or to hand in your bike board and race number and withdraw from the race.  Thank you to City Cycling for offering their kombi and bike rack for this purpose and Myriad Events for providing a driver.

Please be safe out there.  It’s going to be hot and we want you all back to ride again.