Results: Velddrif 2 Velddrif

What a gorgeous day to ride 222km.  What started off quite cool for the early starters turned into perfect riding conditions, with just a bit of wind on the homeward leg so that the eventual winners deserved their win.

The competition was two-fold, with a handicap system in place, with the fastest people starting last, thus giving them opportunity to catch those ahead of them.  This means we had 2 sets of winners – those crossing the finish line first, and those with the shortest time taken to complete the course.  Group 4 leaders (fastest group) so nearly caught the break away from Group 1.  After starting 2 hours later than Group1, they only finished 10 minutes behind.

Line honours were taken by the following people:


  1.  Megan West
  2. Lize Cornelius
  3. Hayley Preen


  1.  Adrian Haupt
  2. Anwar Railloun
  3. Dogon Wilton

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