Caledon – Results

Sunday was the last race for the year. We want to thank BioTherm for sponsoring this new race on the calendar and we hope we can do so again next year.

Calendon - Cat 1

No loops – Cat 2 and 3

In the interest of your safety we have cancelled the 4 loops at the end of the race. We apologise for any confusion caused.


Find below the provisional results. Due to the timing complexity with the loops at the end the system might have missed a few readings on the line.  I will only correct this if is significant to the top 10 positions.

[wpfmb type=’info’ theme=1]If you think it is incorrect or you are missing, please send your name, race number and Mobii chip number to [email protected] so that we can look into the matter. Do not phone, Skype, WhatsApp or FB Messanger me; email.[/wpfmb]

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