My CSA membership or license show as not found

The problem

When entering for a event it is possible that our system will show a message similar to;

“We could not find a record for this person on the CSA system.”

Very often the reason for this problem is that you did not specify an ID number on your CSA profile. We rely on a person’s ID number to do a “lookup” on the CSA IT system.

How can I fix it

Log in on the CSA membership site. Click on My Profile and then on the pencil icon at the top right (see the blue arrow annotations).

Scroll down to ID Number and ensure the number is correct. Most important, it should be similar to that supplied on this site.

Select the update button, which is located all the way to the bottom of the screen, to save your settings.

Our system should now immediately pick up your CSA membership or license. If this does not happen please send an email to [email protected].

CSA members or license holders without an SA ID number

If you have a valid CSA membership or license please enter your passport number in place of an SA ID number on the CSA website. On our website you would have been asked to enter your passport number. Please use that same number.

International riders

If you have an international racing license we do not (yet) have a way to automatically verify your details. Please contact us at [email protected] and attach a scanned copy or photo (with your phone is fine). We will add an override to our system.