WPCA email

The following email addresses are currently configured;

These addresses will forward inbound messages to the relevant person using their private or work email address.

We recommend that you do not use your personal email addresses for correspondence.  We can create an email forward rule on our system so that you can use a @wpcycling.com email address and in turn our system will forward it to your own account.  In this way your personal (or work) email address remains anonymous.  We can also help setup your email software to send via our system using the same @wpcycling.com account.  Please contact [email protected] for more information.

We have implemented email distribution lists that can email the relevant people within the organisation using an easy-to-remember address.  Below is a list of public addresses, meaning anyone can send emails to them.  You may request that you get added to these lists and receive any emails sent to them.

In addition, a number of private distribution lists are in use.  Only registered members (usually from exco) can use them.

If you require permission to be able to send to these lists please send a request to [email protected].