Western Cape Road Championships

2022-01-22 @ 8:00 am – 2022-01-23 @ 5:00 pm
Perdeberg Cellars
Vryguns Farm Windmeul
Paarl, 7624
South Africa
Sue Kirk

Western Province Cycling Association is hosting the Western Cape Road and TT Championship from Saturday 22 January 2022 to Sunday 23 January 2022.

The Time Trial will be held on Saturday 22 January and the Road Race on Sunday 23 January


Covid 19 Regulations

We are  still required to adhere to the COVID-19 regulations that have been published by the Department of Sport and Culture.  To this end we require that all cyclists maintain social distancing while not racing.  The use of masks prior to the start of the race is compulsory.  You will be required to have your temperature taken at the entrance to the Registration Venue.

It is imperative that we adhere to the social distancing protocols.  We are looking at ways to work within the bounds laid down by CSA and the Department of Sport and Culture to ensure that we can hold a successful event.


Race Guide

Find below the start list, with the individual start times for each participant. Please make sure you are on the start line no later than 10mins before your scheduled start.

TT Start List

Find below the start list with the group start times and distances.  Please make sure you are on the start line no later than 10 minutes before your scheduled start

StartList Road

Feeding zones will be available at the locations indicated here: WC Road Champs Feeding Zones

Online Entries and Registration

Online entries will open on Monday 20  December 2021.  Costs for the event are as follows:

Scholars Adults, Jnr & U/23
Road Race Only R300 R400
Time Trial Only R200 R300
Both Road and Time Trial R450 R550

Number collection

You race numbers can be collected in advance:

Date: Friday, 21 January
Venue: Perdeberg Cellar, Paardeberg (Use the navigation map above)
Time: 17h00- 19h00

Eat @ Perdeberg will be open and serving pizza and light meals at registration.  Please support them.

Or on the day, starting at 06h00 each day.

Timing Chips

This event will use dedicated timing tags embedded in the frame number, which will be supplied during number collection.  All participants are required to fit the frame number to their bicycle in order to start the race.

Also ensure the bike board does not get damaged during transport to and from the venue. The board can be damaged by strong winds while driving if the bicycle is placed on a bike rack mounted at the rear of a vehicle.

Managers Meeting

All managers must report to the manager’s meeting, which will take place at 05h30 on Sunday morning at the start line. Please bring along your valid CSA Managers License for verification.

Start Times

Time Trial – Saturday

The PROVISIONAL start times for the Time Trial will be published closer to the time.  See below for the distances per category.

Road Race – Sunday

All categories will start from 06h00 onward from the longest distance to the shortest, except the 117km race will start out of turn .  Please note that these are PROVISIONAL START TIMES.  Start times will be confirmed closer to the event.

Please note that gearing restrictions will apply to all youth age categories:

The following gear restrictions as measured by one full revolution of the chain wheel set will apply:
Under 11: Equal to and not more than 6,227 metres.
Under 13: Equal to and not more than 6,227 metres.
Under 15: Equal to and not more than 6,626 metres.
Under 17: Equal to and not more than 6,897 metres.
Junior: Equal to and not more than 7.93 metres.

Blocked gears are not permitted.

Gear checks shall be performed on the equipment of all riders subject to gear restrictions. Supplementary gear checks may take place after an event.

Group Distance Category Start Time
Group 1 158km Elite 06:00
Under 23 06:00
Group 2 83km Junior Women 06:20
Under 17 Boys
Group 3 83km 30 – 49 Women 06:25
50+ Men
Group 4 50km 50+ Women 06:30
Under 15 Boys
Under 17 Girls
Group 5 20km Under 11 Boys 06:40
Under 11 Girls
Under 13 Girls
Group 6 117km 30 – 39 Men 07:10
Junior Men
Group 7 117km 40 – 49 Men 07:20
` Elite & U23 Women
Group 8 25km Under 13 Boys 07:45
Under 15 Girls
Group 9 25 and 50km Para Cyclists 08:15


Road Race

We have varying routes for the road race.  Please see below for the route applicable to your and familiarise yourself with it before the time.  Should you have any queries on the route, please direct these to [email protected]

TIP: You are able to open the maps full-screen by clicking the link “View Full Version” just under the map title.

Road Race – 158km route

Road Race –  117km route

Road Race –  83km route

Road Race – 20km, 25km and 50km routes

The 20km route will start at Boland Agricultural College while the 50km route will do 2 loops of this course.

TT Circuit

The time trial circuit is an out-and-back along Slent Rd and applies to all categories. The Elites, U23 Men  and the Vets Men 30-34 and 35-39 add a bit more to the distance by turning left at the 4-way stop to make a 35km TT for them.  The start and finish will be at the same location in all cases.

30km route for Elites, U/23 and Vets Men 30-34, 35-39, 40-44 and 45-49

20km route

Start and Finish Area

The start line will be on Vryguns Road, outside Perdeberg Cellars.  “T” indicated the start line, while “R” indicates the Registration area.


Parking will be provided on the premises of Perdeberg Cellars. Access the parking from Vryguns Road.

Note that no parking along Vryguns Road will be permitted at any time.

Category Details

Category Time Trial Road Race
Elite Men 30km 158km
Elite Women 20km 117km
U23 Men 30km 158km
U23 Women 20km 117km
Vets 30-34 Men 30km 117km
Vets 35-39 Men 30km 117km
Vets 40-44 Men 30km 117km
Vets 45-49 Men 30km 117km
Vets 50-54 Men 15km 83km
Vets 55-59 Men 15km 83km
Vets 60-64 Men 15km 83km
Vets 65+ Men 15km 83km
Vets 30-34 Women 20km 83km
Vets 35-39 Women 20km 83km
Vets 40-44 Women 15km 83km
Vets 45-49 Women 15km 83km
Vets 50-54 Women 15km 50km
Vets 55-59 Women 15km 50km
Vets 60-64 Women 10km 50km
Vets 65+ Women 10km 50km
U11Girls 10km 20km
U11Boys/U13Girls 10km 20km
U13Boys/U15Girls 12km 25km
U15Boys/U17Girls 15km 50km
U17Boys/U19Girls 15km 83km
U19Boys 20km 117km
Para C1 to C5 15km 50km
Para T1 and T2 15km 25km
Para H1 – H2 15km 25km
Para H3 – H5 15km 50km



As per CSA Regulations for Road Cycling, Part 3, section, gold, silver and bronze medals and championship jerseys shall be awarded in all categories irrespective of the number of participants in each category. 


 Event management and online entries made possible by

Entries close at 13h00 on Wednesday 19 January 2022

Cancellation Policy

Due to the uncertainty surrounding the Covid-19 epidemic, the organisers of the Western Cape Championships reserve the right to cancel the race should circumstances dictate.  If we cancel the race 7 or more days before the time (on or before 14 January 2022) we will refund those who have entered 60% of their race fee.  Anytime after that, we will refund 30% of your entry fee.  Alternatively, arrangements can be made with the registration team to carry the race fee over to the rescheduled event.  Should you request a refund, when the rescheduled event is announced, you will be required to pay the full amount again.

Entrants who cancel their entries 7 or more days before the time (on or before 14 January 2022) will be refunded 30% of their entry fee.  Cancellations in the 7 days prior to the event, or on the day itself, will not be refunded.

CSA Membership and licenses

This is a provincial race and sanctioned under Cycling South Africa, therefore the applicable rules by CSA, and by extension the UCI, will apply. Participants must have a CSA Membership. The requirement is for a CSA domestic racing license to qualify for awards.  Please note that participants NOT holding a domestic racing license or Schools Competitive Membership will not be eligible for any awards, jerseys or medals, nor provincial colours.

In each case a reference to the CSA General Organisation of the Sport, Part 1 (effective 19.02.2019) and Part 3 (effective 25.02.2019), applies;

CSA Membership (as per 1.1.6)  means a licence issued to any cyclist who wishes to participate in a Cycling SA sanctioned event, irrespective of any other licence which that member may hold. (As per 1.2.11) A Membership Licence allows a cyclist to compete in all sanctioned cycling events including inter-provincial events Provincial Championships and league races, excluding National Championships.

Thus, all participants must be in a possession of a CSA Membership (or a day license) to participant.

Day Licenses (as per Day Licence which is issued to a cyclist not holding at least a valid and current Membership Licence or who is unable to produce a valid and current licence upon being requested to do so.

Day licenses can now be purchased on-line at Cycling South Africa’s Membership page. Log in, go to the Profile menu option and use the Purchase button on that page. Select Day Licenses, enter your name and city, then select “Western Cape Road and TT Championship” and tick the appropriate days. You might need 2 day licenses if taking part in both the TT and Road events.

This is a new arrangement and your day license might not be picked by our system yet. If you experience problems entering on this site with such a day license please forward us the day license(s) by email to [email protected] so that we can manually register the day license on this system.

Trouble with your CSA Membership or License?

We often get complaints about participants unable to enter due to a message about invalid CSA membership or license during the online registration process. Our system verifies both your CSA membership and CSA domestic racing license to be valid on the day of the event. Licenses expire on 31 December each year, so you should get a new 2022 license for this event. Membership expires 1 year after your last renewal or purchase. This date could be prior to the event date. Carefully review both expiry dates before contacting us.

New membership or licenses, including renewals, can be purchased online on the CSA membership page.