2022 WC XCM #2

2022-07-30 all-day

Rooibos2Muisbos 2022

The 2nd WC XCM race will take place on 30 July 2022. Please view www.rooibos2muisbos.co.za for race start info and programme.  


Confirmed distances for each category is as follows:

30km: Sub-Junior Boys & Girls

55km: Youth Men & Women, Junior Men & Women, Sub Vet Women, Veteran Women, Master Men & Women, Grand Master Men & Women

100km: Elite Men & Women, Sub Vet Men and Veteran Men

Cycling South Africa Membership and Licence Requirements:   To register and race (and to qualify for regional or provincial colours), South African riders must hold a valid Cycling South Africa Membership or Cycling South Africa Full Racing Licence at the time of entry.

Juniors and Elites need to have Cycling South Africa Full Racing Licences and  all other categories may have Cycling South Africa Memberships.   For more information about Cycling South Africa, Click here

Please ensure that you have paid your Cycling South Africa fee.  Kindly bring your printed Membership/Licence Card to registration.

Foreign nationals and others with valid reasons for not having Cycling South Africa Membership/ Licences may purchase a day licence at registration or via the entry process in order to race.

Race categories are based on your 2022 Birthday Age and not on your current age.  For example, if you are now 10, but turning 11 on 20 December 2022, you are a Sprog Girl for all 2022 races.


To qualify for WC Colours Awards, you need to enter your Region correctly during the race entry process.  And, the Region that you select during the entry process, must be the same as the Region that you have on your Cycling SA profile.    Please check and correct you CyclingSA profile if necessary.

To check your Region, click your maps below:


Marking of the Track:  Marking of the track and the construction of the race village will commence on Thursday prior to the event.