Enduro racing in its most basic definition is a type of mountain bike racing where the downhills are timed, and the uphills are not. It is the racing embodiment of the trail ride that you do with your friends on the weekend!

Riders are timed against the clock on primarily downhill sections (called Stages), with neutral (non-racing) sections in between (called Liaisons). Winners are those who accumulate the lowest combined time from the timed Stages.

We welcome ALL riders and our courses are totally rideable as long as you are enthusiastic about riding fun singletrack. It’s like a weekend ride with your mates – regroup at the top and race each other down the trail! 

Enduros can be raced on all types of mountain bike but we recommend full suspension trail bikes with travel between 120-160mm with dropper seat posts.  Protective clothing (long sleeves, knee cover and full finger gloves)  is advised. Open face helmets are fine while some riders choose to wear full face helmets.

Overview of Enduro events in the Western Cape

Dirtopia Enduros

If you are new to Enduro then the Dirtopia events are a perfect introduction to the discipline. Independently run by the same folks that bring you the Spur Schools Series and many other MTB and trail running races throughout the year, the Dirtopia Enduros are very well organised, and generally on slightly easier trails – probably the very same trails that you ride on the odd weekend with your friends or for training.
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Dirtopia Enduro events website

Enduro Western Cape Series

The Enduro Western Cape (EWC) Series is a provincial series of multiple races sanctioned by Cycling South Africa, and takes it up a notch in terms of overall difficulty, in order to help riders progress towards the levels that are expected at National and International level. Points are accumulated throughout the series to determine overall winners in all age categories, and award Provincial Colours for individual achievement. If you are comfortable with Dirtopia events, then you will probably be happy to race the EWC events too!
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And then if you would like to take it up yet another notch, then their are a few other independent Enduro races that either take you somewhere remote and special, and/or push the boundaries of physical fitness and technical ability

2019 Event Dates

17 February – Dirtopia Enduro
28 April – Dirtopia Enduro
19 May – Dirtopia Enduro
9 June – EWC #1, Contermanskloof
29 June – Greyton Trail Town Takeover
21 July – EWC #2, Hoogekraal
6 October – EWC #3, Jonkershoek-National Enduro Champs, and EWS Qualifier event
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2019 Results

Race #1, Contermanskloof, 9 June 2019

2018 Series Results

View the EWC Overall Men Series Standings here
View the EWC Overall Women Series Standings here
View the EWC Age Category Series standings here

Check out our ‘How to Enduro’ Video below-it’s packed with all the info you need to race!


The EWC Race series is bought to you by Tygerberg MTB Club and Giant Bicycles, South  Africa

Enduro Colours Criteria can be found here

Hoogekraal. Credit <@Ewald Sadie>



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