Post MTB / DHI Blues…

Gratefully, due to the tireless efforts of our media officer, the WC MTB / DHI Champs were well attended, and bar a few – few being the operative word – accidents along the way, the event proved to be a resounding success. Although a number of our elite riders were drawn further afield in search of glory on the international stage, racing was tough and at times hair-raising (particularly looking through some of the DHI photos over at ESP).

We are grateful to a number of portals and online publications for making the most of it leading up to the event:

And although we have to wait for our hard copy publications to get the fantastic story of the WC Champs to print (Bicycling, Ride and Die Burger), here are some teasers:

  • The Hub SA covered the XCO and DHI.
  • Enduroplus had some post race commentary from an exceptional team.
  • Enduroplus also had some tweets during the event that make us feel part of the 21st century too:

Enjoy the awesome photos. And thanks to all who made it a great day.

I must say, that I have learnt much from Ewald Sadie (Ewald has some great shots over at his site of all the races and participants) and Chris Hitchcock regarding framing a good action photo. But the shot of the day must, for now anyway, go to Ewald for this fantastic shot down the valley on Sunday (reminds me of when I was in the Isle of Man).

Contermanskloof in all her glory
Contermanskloof in all her glory