Equipment restrictions for young riders – Track

The UCI and Cycling South Africa, the governing body for cycling in South Africa, define the rules under which the Western Province Cycling Association has to operate. As a result our races, and races operated by partner operators, has to comply with these rules.

Additional rules apply to youth riders, including, but not limited to, equipment restrictions. The reason for these restrictions are better explained in our article about equipment restrictions.

General information about equipment restrictions and why it is imposed can be found on our page Equipment restrictions for young riders – General. On this page we will look at the specific restrictions that applies to track cycling.

Gear restrictions

For all Youth categories, male and female, the following maximum roll out distances shall apply for
Track Events:

  • Schools U17 6.897 meters (87.8’)
  • Schools U15 6.626 meters (83”)
  • Schools U13 6.227 meters (78”)
  • Schools U11 6.227 meters (78’)

If, for whatever reason, a youth rider has been granted approval to compete in a higher age division
event, the maximum roll out distance applicable to the rider’s age division must be maintained

Handle bars

For Youth categories the following equipment restrictions will also apply for track competitions

  • Riders U15 and below only standard handle bars will be allowed (drop bars)
  • Riders U17 will be allowed to use UCI Approved Time Trial bars or bolt on bars without
    modification for the Time Trial, Individual and Team Pursuit


Only Standard Helmets without visors to be used by ALL youth riders

No aero helmets allowed

Wheel sizes

Only Standard wheels with 16 spokes or more to be used. No disc or carbon fibre wheels. No deep sections larger than 50mm / no carbon fibre deep sections. Tubbies or Clinchers allowed.


Booties/ overshoes may be used by ALL youth riders when racing at an outdoor velodrome.

Additional clothing regulations are being introduced by WP Cycling in 2018.  Please refer to that page for more information as it becomes available.