Date:                     2 May 2015

Venue:                 Helderberg Farm

The 4th event in the WP MTB XCO series will be held at Helderberg Farm on 2 May 2015.

Please click here to view a map to Helderberg Farm.


ALL INDIVIDUALS PARTICIPATING MUST BE PRESENT AT REGISTRATION, IRRELEVANT OF WHETHER THEY OWN A SEASON BIKE BOARD OR CSA MEMBERSHIP. This is required to ensure that the liability waiver is signed as riders cannot enter unless this is physically signed and that all data is correctly captured.

Registration will be held at Helderberg Farm between 15h00 – 18h00 onFriday, 1 May and again on Saturday, 2 May between 07h30 and 08h30. No late registration will accepted.

Volunteers are sought for registration, marshaling duties and set-up for the WP MTB XCO #$ on 2 May.

Registration duties will be on the Friday afternoon at Helderberg Farm between15h30 and 18h00.  Late registration will be on the Saturday morning from 07h30 to 08h30 at Helderberg Farm.

Shani Morton has volunteered to organise the schedules for both registration and marshaling duties. Please contact her on [email protected] or 082 442 1731.


The entry fees will be as follows:

Nippers & Sprogs                          R100 per event
All other categories                       R200 per event

Late entries on the morning of the race will be accepted during the registration period which is 07h30 to 08h30.  Entry fees for late entries are as follows:

Nippers & Sprogs                           R125 per event
All other categories                        R250 per event

All entries should be supported by a CSA membership or license card. If you do not have a CSA license, a temporary CSA license can be obtained during the online entry process or physical entry process at R35.

Bike Boards

For those who already have their season’s bike boards allocated to them, this must be brought along and presented during the registration process. Those who have not yet received bike boards will be liable to pay a once-off R50 for an annual bike board. Replacements of bike boards will be levied at an additional R50.

Race Schedule

Please click here to view the race schedule.

Track Layout 

Please click here to view the track layout.


Official practice is at Helderberg Farm between 07h30 and 08h30 on Saturdaymorning, 2 May.

Practice will be mandatory during the official practice session for Nippers, Sprogs and Sub-Juniors.  When the mandatory practice lap has been performed, this will be demarcated on the riders’ bike board.

There will be no official practice on the Friday before the race. Should you wish to ride the track, you are required to obtain a day license from Helderberg Farm.


A professional photographer will once again be assigned to WP MTB XCO #3 at Helderberg Farm. These photographs will be published on the website after the event.

Volunteers and work crew

Marshaling duties will be on the Saturday for each race from 08h30 to 13h30.  We understand that those who volunteer to marshal also have children participating. We have introduced a new system where we will divide the marshals into shifts of 2 hours each to accommodate this situation. We encourage you to please volunteer for both the services of registration and marshaling to make these events possible.

Set-up duties will mainly be the Friday before the race – assistance is needed to assemble the start and finish areas, sponsorship branding and final track demarcation. The process will begin at 09h00 on the Friday morning however, should you wish to volunteer you are welcome to arrive at any point during the day.

Bryan Strauss will be coordinating the set-up. Please contact him at [email protected] or 084 444 3659.

This series is brought to you by the WP MTB Commission in partnership with: