Western Cape Cross Country Marathon Championships 2016

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The Western Cape Cross Country Marathon (XCM) Championships 2016 will be hosted by Dryland at the Ladismith Cheese 7Weekspoort Mountain Bike Challenge on 1 October 2016. The Start Venue is the Amalienstein Packing shed in Amalienstein and the Finish Venue is the Ladismith High School in Ladismith. Please find the relevant information on the website: http://www.7weekspoortmtb.co.za/.

“The Ladismith Cheese 7weekspoort MTB Challenge, in the spectacular landscape of the title town, and its neighbouring missionary villages in the Klein Karoo, is a real classic. Riders will experience the raw scenic majesty of the poort itself – a riot underscored by a botanical circus – on a ride paced to make you know you’ve had your physical moneys-worth in addition to the almost overwhelming scenic value. Convenient, accessible and comfortable… One of South Africa’s greatest one-dayers!” (Excerpt from the website)


The Western Cape XCM Championships 2016 Categories are as follows:

  1. Nippers, Sprogs and Sub-Juniors – 26km
  2. Youth, Juniors, Master Women, Grand Master Women and Grand Master Men – 40km
  3. Elite, Sub-Veteran Men and Women, Veteran Men and Women and Master Men – 82km

Please take note of the following:

  •  No rider under 19 may compete in the 82km race as per Cycling South Africa (CSA) rules.
  • Parents may ride with children U/10 (Nippers) and U/12 (Sprogs) but must remain behind the child at all times and not interfere with other riders.
  • Parents may not ride with children U/14 (Sub-Juniors) and upwards under any circumstances.
  • Transgressions may be reported to race officials on the day.
  • Transgressions will result in the qualifying rider being disqualified from the race.

How to qualify for Provincial XCM Colours:

  • No individual can qualify for Western Cape XCM Colours without a CSA license (Elite and Junior) or CSA membership (All other categories).
  • It should be noted that Provincial Colours can only be attained once an individual has received Regional Colours. Each of the regions should organise their own regional marathon mountain biking series.
  • This means that, if an individual has received his Regional Colours and has come in the top three of his/her category at 7Weekspoort, he/she will receive Western Cape Colours.
  • No colours are awarded at the Ladismith Cheese 7Weekspoort Mountain Bike Challenge/Western Cape XCM Championships 2016 because some of the regional series’ are not complete yet. This is the reason why only medals will be awarded and not certificates on the day of the Championships.