2015 Dates for WPMTB XCO / DHI & Western Cape MTB XCO / DHI CHAMPS

The dates for the 2015 calendar have been agreed to by both the Western Province Mountain Bike Commission (WPMTBC) and the Western Cape Mountain Bike Commissioner.

These dates have in turn been submitted to Cycling South Africa (CSA) to load onto the 2015 calendar.

The applicable dates are as follows:


Round 1
31 January 2015                XCO
01 February 2015              DHI

Round 2
14 February 2015              XCO
15 February 2015              DHI

Round 3
11 April 2015                       XCO
12 April 2015                       DHI

Round 4
25 April 2015                       XCO
26 April 2015                       DHI


23 May 2015                       XCO
24 May 2015                       DHI

The venues for each round of the Western Province Cup Series will be announced at a later stage, as will that of the Western Cape Championships.

One of the realms of the Western Province Cup Series will be offered as a UCI Category 2 race, while the Western Cape Championships will be at least an UCI Category 2 race if not a UCI Category 1 race.